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Environment / Project
Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure
Ground-based stations to understand past, present and predict future evolution of the atmosphere
Environment / Project
International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems
An interdisciplinary research and innovation infrastructure for River-Sea systems
Environment / Project
Distributed System of Scientific Collections
Data-intensive frontier research through unified access to European natural science collections
Environment / Project
Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe
Integrated cross-scale and cross-disciplinary approach for the analysis of ecosystems and biodiversity
Health & Food / Project
Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems
Integrated experimentation to forecast the impacts of climate and land-use changes on ecosystems
Health & Food / Project
European Infrastructure for Multi-scale Plant Phenomics and Simulation
A multi-scale phenotyping platform for food security in different agro-climatic scenarios
Health & Food / Project
European Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator
An accelerator for research and innovation in Industrial Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology
Health & Food / Project
Infrastructure for System Biology Europe
A coordination effort to interconnect the best experimental and modelling facilities for Systems Biology
Physical Sciences & Engineering / Project
KM3NeT 2.0
KM3 Neutrino Telescope 2.0
A network of neutrino telescopes in the Mediterranean Sea for astroparticle and oscillations research
Physical Sciences & Engineering / Landmark
Square Kilometre Array
The largest radio telescope on Earth to explore the Universe and the origins of life