Part 2
Landscape analysis

Section 2

is an all-new analysis effort to render explicit the relevant connections that already exist among different thematic areas by means of the ESFRI RIs, and to identify the critical needs and opportunities for new links and new research practices.

The interconnections mediated by ESFRI RIs are displayed in the graph – Interconnections between ESFRI RIs and scientific domains – and in the extended caption – Description of the interconnections. The ensemble of the information represents the baseline formed by ESFRI RIs and its high potential for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. It is clear that the high need of new knowledge across the disciplinary boundaries cannot be addressed by the RIs alone, even less by the sole set of ESFRI RIs; it does involve the organization of research at large. The contribution of well interconnected RIs can play a major role in favouring the establishment of standards and good practices on two fronts: the data interchange/interoperability among RIs – a prototype implementation of the EOSC – and the multifaceted research process that – in case of Grand Challenges of non-disciplinary nature – requires effective work-plans across the full system of Research Infrastructures.